Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that this will be a great experience and the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Our mission is to raise servant kings: people empowered to succeed through their relationship with Christ, people for whom success means authority, who then use their authority to serve the world effectively.


We are building a radiant church, a glorious church, full of the manifested goodness of God. We are a city upon a hill that cannot be hidden and a beacon of light for everyone who is experiencing darkness.

We are building a company of authentic believers who want to be just like Jesus, not only when we gather together, but also when we disperse.

We are building a church made up of servant kings; people that understand who they are in Christ and like Jesus we are determined to serve and be a blessing to those around them.

A church dedicated to serving this great city of London and all the surrounding areas.

We are raising people who are highly influential in this city; people whose voices carry weight in the corridors of power.

We are building a praying church, a worshipping church, a church where the supernatural is normal and signs and wonders are commonplace; a church where the Word
of God is always preached with simplicity and understanding. We are building a church where people are equipped, loved and cared for.

Jesus is coming back for a radiant church. That's the church we see and that's the church we are building together, in His honour and for His glory.