COVID-19 Update

Hello family

As we are all aware, our nation and the nations of the world are grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic. In view of this, the government has released some guidelines and directives for us as individuals and communities to help defeat this disease.

As a church it is our responsibility to play our part in supporting the efforts of the authority to defeat this disease. For this reason, we are seeking to reorganise the way we operate as a church in this season. Middlesex University has cancelled events being held in the space that we currently occupy on Sunday mornings until May 2020. Of course, this will be subject to continuous review and could be subject to change. We will ensure you are duly notified.

Here is what you need to do and know now:
- Make sure you are connected and contactable. Fill in this form to make sure we have your contact details. Using your web browser (eg Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc) type in this URL: []

Alternatively, click here: CONTACT US

- Starting this Sunday, 22nd March, all of our Sunday services will be held online via YouTube and Facebook. If you are not currently on any of these platforms and do not wish to be, you can still participate in our online service simply by clicking on the YouTube link, which will be sent out to you via text and email. We encourage you to prepare for church as normal.

- If you are part of a small group, we encourage you to continue to meet virtually via video conferencing (eg Zoom / Skype)

- Our Tuesday Bible studies will continue as usual on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

- Please adhere to the guidelines and directives from the government and our NHS service. Click here for more information about what you need to know about the virus and how you can look after yourself: NHS COVID-19 GUIDELINES

- If you are unwell as a result of the Coronavirus or for any other reason. Please contact the us on 07845166278. We want to make sure you are covered in prayer and see if there are any practical needs we can meet.

- If you are self-isolating or quarantined, if you know of any of our church family who is, please let us know on 07845166278. We would like to be in touch to make sure you are covered in prayer as well as make sure you have all your practical supplies.

- Here are the ways you can continue to give and support what we are doing financially:

Account number: 3249 6768
Sort code: 30-96-26

You can set up Radiant City Church as a payee on your banking app or online banking. You can also automate your tithe and offerings by setting up regular standing orders. As always you remain in full control of when the payments are made.

*Website: DONATE

- If you have any questions, queries, concerns etc, please contact the pastors on 07845166278.

- Please do not keep TV news broadcasts on a loop. It feeds you fear and reinforces those fears. The result is anxiety and worry. We cannot over-emphasize how important it is to make sure you are hearing God's Word much more than you are hearing the news. Click here to listen to faith building messages on our website: PODCASTS

- Similarly, we would encourage you to look after your mental health by not immersing yourself in social media which can again feed and reinforce fear. Our advice would be for you to ration your time on social media platforms and be mindful of the effect on other people's mental health of anything you share! Let's build people up rather than reinforcing fear.

- Finally, we want to encourage you to build yourself up in the Word and choose your thoughts carefully, casting down anything that does not line up with what God says about your life, your health and your future. God's perfect love casts out fear (1 Jn 4:18) so meditate on His love and protection (Ps 91). Our God has got your back!

Every blessing
Pastors Chido & Vanessa Gideon
Lead Pastors
(On behalf of the pastoral team)